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Strategy Investment Philosophy

Each investment strategy will require the use of individual portfolio management or investment advisory techniques, or the combination of both.

Individual Portfolio Management utilizes an existing portfolio of individual investment instruments (stocks, bonds, etc.) or the initial building of a portfolio from cash. These portfolios are managed under the guidelines of a disciplined investment strategy.

Investment Advisory methods include the use of various money managers hired specifically to address a certain asset class or investment style.  Additionally, institutional class mutual fund shares from well-known fund families can be used to ensure exposure to specialized market niches (healthcare, technology, bio-tech, etc.)

Procedural Overview

“The framework of success is founded in a disciplined approach.”

  • Identify – needs, wants, and abilities
  • Determine – suitability of a professional and personalized relationship
  • Recognize – goals and objectives, review, revise and monitor
  • Analyze – current investment strategy, portfolio, and success
  • Initiate – Pro-active strategic management plan
    • Develop goals and objectives
    • Analyze risk tolerances and realistic expectations
    • Structure and implement investment strategy
    • Monitor activity and performance
    • Evaluate the success of the plan

The procedural plan for each and every client may vary due to the complexity of individual situations.