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Background Mission Statement

The mission of PERSICO Asset Management is to provide professional, personalized and unbiased investment management services through portfolio management and investment advisory strategies customized to meet the truly unique situations of each client.  By operating independently from the traditional product oriented and commission driven firms, utilizing the latest advances in technology, and leveraging financial and investment management experience, PERSICO Asset Management offers its clients the best of both worlds; sound professional strategies and techniques traditionally offered from larger firms and an asset based fee structure that correlates more closely to the no-service discount market.

Founder and Chief Investment Officer: J. Christopher Persico

PERSICO Capital, LLC and PERSICO Asset Management, both previously known as Peregrine Capital Management, LLC, were established by Mr. Persico in the year 2000. Mr. Persico began his investment experience with Alex. Brown & Sons in 1990.  He was responsible for accounts of private clients, corporations, and retirement plans. In 1996 Mr. Persico accepted a position with Morgan Stanley as an Associate Vice President.  He has been involved in a corporate acquisition and has advised a 501(c)(3) on various merger and acquisition activities as a member of its Board of Directors.  Prior to joining Alex Brown & Sons he held several progressive positions with MNC Financial, Inc, the parent to Maryland National Bank and MBNA.  Mr. Persico was an underwriter for the Government Finance and Leasing divisions of MNC.  His tenure with MNC began in 1987 when he joined the company as a Financial Analyst. 

Mr. Persico received his formal education from Roanoke College in Virginia. In 1987 he was awarded his BBA degree. He held elected positions including Chairman of the Judicial Board and Chairman of the Academic Integrity Board.